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Our process starts with the selection of cannabis strains and a specialised breeding program coupled with expertise in the cultivation of cannabis plants to the highest standards.

Guernsey has a rich horticultural heritage and our goal is to rejuvenate the greenhouses and soil to make Guernsey one of the leading cannabis producers in the world.

We are using a range of regenerative growing methods to help us bring back the growing industry in a way that is environmentally friendly and organic without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic nutrients.

Some of our techniques include; no till, living soil, companion planting, compost teas, biological controls, and LED lighting, which have been developed by our in-house cultivation team.


Our project is spread across numerous different greenhouse sites consisting of over twelve acres of glass. In addition to our own grow sites, we have numerous different co-operative growers.


Bruce Caruso,
Head of Cultivation