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distillation SYSTEMS

Oak & Crane was founded in 2017 in the heart of the ‘Emerald Triangle’ of California to design and manufacture processing equipment to meet the specific needs of the cannabis industry; it is now a subsidiary company of The House of Green.

Oak & Crane systems are easy to use, easy to install, have been peer reviewed and have the appropriate engineer safety certifications. Services are also available for custom builds, installation, training and maintenance.

The company now operates on an international level, with its main design and manufacturing facility located on Guernsey in the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are part of Great Britain and Guernsey is the second largest of the islands, which are located in the English Channel between England and France. The company continues to have some operations based out of northern California and services its clients in the US. This places the company in the unique position of being able to easily service customers in the US, UK and EU.

The company has grown alongside the cannabis industry over the past three years and provides equipment to both small-scale and large-scale producers. Oak & Crane’s systems are made from quality parts, priced to be affordable and are all backed by quality service and customer support.

Our ethanol recovery systems range from recovery rates of 2 to 30 gallons per hour, are easy to install and easy to use. We hold most systems and parts in stock for quick ship times. We also provide services for design, custom builds and installations.

For more information about the systems or for a quote head to the website.

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