The House of Green is a cannabis company based in Guernsey, Channel islands that aims to become an international leader in the cultivation and processing of cannabis and the distribution of cannabis derived products. Our processing facility of over 20,000 sq ft is our central location for the extraction, manufacture and packaging of a wide range of end products.

Source: Channel ITV - Cannabis in Guernsey

We have a tried and tested, high quality extraction process that is secured by several patents that focus on a vertically integrated, end-to-end production process resulting in; consistent high quality, greater yields, lower environmental impact, and reduced waste. We have over 520,000 sq ft of greenhouses for cultivation enabling us to grow throughout the year.


We have established a growers cooperative throughout the Channel Islands, whereby independent growers can work with us to ensure only the best cannabis biomass is used for our extraction process.

Oak & Crane


Oak & Crane was founded in 2017 in the heart of the ‘Emerald Triangle’ of California to design and manufacture processing equipment to meet the specific needs of the cannabis industry.


The systems are easy to use, easy to install, have been peer reviewed and have the appropriate engineer safety certifications. Services are also available for custom builds, installation, training and maintenance.


Please contact Oak & Crane for questions and specific order needs.

Naked Leaf


Naked Leaf was launched in 2018 by Heidi & Nathan Whitman when they were seeking natural health supplements for rescue animals.


Since then, they’ve assembled a skilled team of animal-loving creative thinkers to help turn their dreams into reality. That team of two may have grown, but remains close-knit.


Naked Leaf's range of CBD products is all about restoring inner balance, and helping people get more from their daily lives for them and their pets.

For product enquires please contact Naked Leaf or visit their site.

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