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Helping bring your cannabis products into reality, using regenerative cultivation and state of the art extraction methods. Focused on the wellness and medicinal markets for cannabinoid and terpene production, we are fully prepared for the future of the cannabis industry.

Our team of like-minded individuals founded the House of Green in Guernsey 2018, bringing together a wide range of specialist skills ranging from; cannabis cultivation and extraction, to finance, sales and corporate governance.


By the end of 2019, we had acquired long leases on three cultivation sites totaling over 12 acres of greenhouses and our licensed processing facility, which consists of 9,000 sq ft of floor space together with a 2,000 sq ft mezzanine, office space, and storage yard.

Our largest cultivation site (already licensed for the cultivation of cannabis) contains 6 acres of greenhouses and is spread over 10 acres, with multiple sheds for drying as well as its own water supply. Licenses for our other two sites are in the process of being filed.

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We are currently in discussions to increase our cultivation capacity by a further 9.5 acres of green houses and have signed up with a number of partner growers.

The House of Green currently holds 6 patents on extraction of cannabis and also designs and builds its own specialized distillation equipment.

Oak & Crane

Source: Channel ITV - Cannabis in Guernsey


Oak & Crane was founded in 2017 in the heart of the ‘Emerald Triangle’ of California to design and manufacture processing equipment to meet the specific needs of the cannabis industry.


The systems are easy to use, easy to install, have been peer reviewed and have the appropriate engineer safety certifications. Services are also available for custom builds, installation, training and maintenance.


Please contact Oak & Crane for questions and specific order needs.

Naked Leaf


Naked Leaf was launched in 2018 by Heidi & Nathan Whitman when they were seeking natural health supplements for rescue animals.


Since then, they’ve assembled a skilled team of animal-loving creative thinkers to help turn their dreams into reality. That team of two may have grown, but remains close-knit.


Naked Leaf's range of CBD products is all about restoring inner balance, and helping people get more from their daily lives for them and their pets.

For product enquires please contact Naked Leaf or visit their site.