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Our Team

We bring over 15 years worth of skills and knowledge in the cannabis industry, together with experience in finance, corporate governance, and many other sectors to form our team of specialists.

Below you can read more about what we all bring to the company.


Paul worked for over 35 years in the international finance sector during which he gained a broad experience in starting and building businesses, operations, risk management, and corporate governance. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute, holds an MSc in Corporate Governance and the Certificate in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors.

Paul Smith

Chief Executive Officer

gary tucker

Chief Operations Officer

The founder of Oak and Crane, LLC., a company that builds and designs systems for distillations that can be used for a wide array of purification purposes.  He currently holds six US patents, and one filed (pending) in Canada, relating to cannabis processing and extraction hardware. Gary has conducted vigorous testing of cannabis extraction methods with many different solvents and systems over the last several years with one of the largest Cannabis companies in the US.


With 35 years’ experience in the international finance markets having held senior posts at several leading investment banks. He trained as a fixed-income specialist at Daiwa Securities before joining Midland Montagu as director of the US government trading desk. In 1990, he jointly set up Greenwich Capital office in London, before senior positions at IBJI and Bank of America. In 2007, he co-founded Hinde Capital, an alternative asset manager and was a management founder of Glintpay in 2015.

Mark mahaffey

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Caruso

Head of Cultivation

Bruce began growing medically when he received his medical card in 2012 and has developed living soil mixes, compost teas, and other techniques over the years that have resulted in Award Winning Cannabis. He was the co-owner and Master Grower at TruGanic Farms and put together all S.O.P’s and binders needed to conform with OLCC licensing requirements. He also managed a dispensary in Oregon where he implemented terpene focus and education, being one of the first to do so.


Member & Manager of Oak and Crane, LLC. Assistant to Director of Operations for Cannabis Manufacturing company. Stream-lined a large packaging and pen filling operation. Developed standard operating procedure manuals for cannabis manufacturing and assisted in cannabis manufacturing facility development. Respiratory Therapist for intensive care. 8 years management and business administration experience. 6 years medical experience.

Rebecca tucker

Chief Compliance Officer

Marc leadbeater


Elected to the States of Guernsey (Guernsey’s government) as a Deputy in 2016. He was appointed to the Committee for Home Affairs and was elected onto the Island’s Development & Planning Authority. He co-founded Bonsai Group Ltd and was also a co-founder and Technical Director of Ezydeck UK, a business involved in importing specialist timber products from Australia to the UK.

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gunther gommes

Head of European Development

Holds a Certificate in Company Direction from the IoD and a bachelor from HELMo University (Belgium) in Accounting and Finance. Gunther has nearly 35 year’s pf international business experience in senior positions in the financial sector in Luxembourg, Guernsey, Jersey, Switzerland and UK and relevant board experience acting as a NED and consultant. He takes advantage of this multilingual skills (English, German, French and Luxemburgish and conversational in Swiss German and Dutch) to break down language barriers and create strong client relationships.

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